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Growing Freedom: Fighting Corporate Strategies of Control of Food and Ideas. 2006-12-17.

Lyn Gerry writes, "During this holiday season people will eat drink and make merry. What we eat and drink now and throughout the year effects not only our health, and the health of the environment. It also serves to roll back or extend corporate control of our lives, as you will hear on the program this week.

"In our ongoing readings from John Taylor Gatto's book the Underground History of American Education, he wrote of the deliberate transformation of American society in the 19th century to centralize control over the necessities of life into the hands of a corporate oligarchy. He explained the role compulsory schooling plays: to mentally homogenize the population to serve that system, and how the discovery of hydrocarbon energy motivated this change, as well as financed it. This social reconfiguation was sold in the name of techological progress and prosperity - and its price was stunted potential individually and stunted self-governance societally, and a sociey that is now largely at the mercy of some corporation to furnish, or withhold our most basic needs.

"It is true that one can decide amongst what is available, but who decides what is available, and how it is distributed? If you can't decide, your actual freedom is very limited indeed."

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