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Hi! My name is FreakyFrankie and rest assured, only the "Frank" part appears on my birth certificate. It was long after my birth that the name "Freaky" was bestowed upon me. 44 years since my birth, to be exact, for when I joined I needed an appropriate username and since Frenchtwist and Lallahabiba were already taken, I settled for FreakyFrankie.

Why do I love Let me count the ways. I am a music freak. If fate had been kind, perhaps I'd be a bass player in a band that rivals The Beatles in creativity and musicianship. But noooooo! The last band I performed with was a Doo Wop group who should have been named "Four Crying Out Loud." My love for music can be expressed in other ways, and allows me to be a Disc Jockey, (with the help of certain video sites that may or may not be aware of my existence). I have been able to find songs that not only I, but many other Stumblers, have not heard in years! What a great way to reconnect with our past! Those wonderful memories brought back to the year 2006, soon to be 2007, thanks to the innovation of a site like this! I've also been able to find websites that cover a wide variety of interests, i.e., Eastern religion, TV show tributes, you name it. I've made lots of friends here and we share sites, insights, you name it. I highly recommend for people who'd like a fun way to find websites suitable for their tastes.

I hope I did this right. I don't want to have to delete all that and start over again. See ya at SU!