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HOME OF INDEPENDENT MUSIC For SU Musicians and Lyricists to upload and post their original songs and poems ...say whatever they want about them... and for everyone else to comment or share opinions. Every type of music and lyrics welcomed Thank you

From this group a collaboration CD was born! Dragonhead ( put it all together and it is now on sale at

this is pablo's review of the SU Global Jam album. feel free to edit this page and add your own reviews :o)

Disc one

1. Jeanie Flowers - No One Left At home
Beautiful song beautifully performed. And great production courtesy of

2. Tobi Hang - Breather
What starts out as a simple instrumental gains so much from dark electronic production. really enjoying this - a vast, optimistic soundscape. sounds like it should be in a movie.

3. Gareth Llewellyn Armstrong - Paper Dragons
What a voice! the eastern melodies make this hypnotic, driving thinkpiece sound like so much more than the acoustic guitar and vocal that make it up. there is a hint of the Doors here, and that's no mean feat. Looking forward to hearing this at Global Jam Live -

4. Anibal Miranda - Just Now
This is beautiful. the violins on this are so refreshingly different. It's a powerful song and Anibal's vocals make it something special.

5. Dragonhead - Year Without A Summer
Ah, the man himself. The Godfather of Global Jam. Really well put together, I can only begin to imagine how much work went into making this sound so full without being cluttered - a real skill. Looking forward to Slipstream Science now. And can't wait to hear Films Without Pictures, which arrived with my Global Jam CDs. Nice work Andy :o)

6. Contraption - Wet Dream
These lyrics are great. This is a driving, insistent, crunchy twin-vocal assault. Play this loud.

7. Vate - Diablo (En Vivo)
Ah, Phat Beats :o) Dark Groove excellently produced. I'm scared.

8. Burton Richardson - Freedom Fighters
More Phat beats. This time with a dark, Indian flavour. Sonic weirdness - so different to anything else, and all the better for it.

9. Steve Blomerth - So Smart
Classic Rock - nice production and guitar work

10. Trevor Joyce - I'm Not Gonna Die
Wow! a poem! This is very cool. Very bitter, very honest, very witty. very Irish.

Disc two

1. Ariel X - Sunship
This reminds me of my youth. Good ol' Ariel has created a house classic. and he's ma homie

2. Axydlbaaxr - Resurrection
This would be a great piece of music in its own right. Knowing the story behind it makes it even more poignant.

3. From Rusholme With Love - Sunny Summer Smile
This is me, so not really my place to review it :o) if someone would like to edit this page with a review though, i'd be grateful.
if you like it though, you can hear more here -

4. Jordana Kocher and Ian Woods - Don't Let Go
love the guitar work on this epic

5. Project Bluebird - Rose Colored War - i think eisy is the lyricist, not the performer, but this was the only link on the sleevenotes
Nice bit of bluegrass

6. R L Hargis - Miranda
not a song about a girl, as i had expected, or a song about Anibal, but about the miranda rights. a stroke of genius

7. Migrant Pickers - I Ain't religious
Great blues tune, and a nice sentiment

8. Ian Woods - The Cold
More great fretwork from Woodsy

9. Third Track Conspiracy - Poor Little Me
Dragonhead goes all darkside. Quite hypnotic. i think this will be one to get lost in when under the influence :o)

10. Trevor Joyce - Saws (for Linda)
Moving words from Global Jam's resident Irish beat poet. lovely work again.