The StumbleUpon Wiki was created in July 2006.

What's HappeningEdit

  1. Ongoing updates of project:top stumblers.

What Needs DoingEdit

  1. Use Test Group to experiment with designs for the main page, StumbleUpon Wiki, the project:community portal, and this page. Use [wikicities:wikia] for examples of simple design templates. Roll out the improvements when ready.
  2. Make Help be a good stop for SU help.
  3. Create a tour of this wiki. Then add it to the w:wikia tour.
  4. Use a table-based design for this page.
  5. Use table-based designs for the project:community portal and update it to be like the ones at wikia:community portal and wikia:c:scratchpad:scratchpad:Community Portal.
  6. Update the project:community portal to be a place where participants in various projects can interact.
  7. Add =editintro (meta:Help:Inputbox) for each inputbox.
  8. Writing project:documentation.
  9. Promoting project:publicity by campaigns including creating a w:wikia:wikia tour.
  10. Explore using w:help:shared templates and w:list_of_shared_templates.
  11. Explore designs at w:wikia:model pages.
  12. w:Help:Improving your Wikia.

What's Been CompletedEdit

  1. Designed project:structure.
  2. Added most popular groups.
  3. Used examples at w:c:scratchpad:Scratchpad Wiki Labs like w:c:scratchpad:help:make a new wiki to build the basic group and stumbler home pages.
  4. Used a table-based design for the main page.

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