Welcome to the StumbleUpon Wiki. This community portal page is for discussion among the groups and stumblers.

Please do not create adult content until we have time to design and establish a way to limit accidental exposure.

Below are suggestions on how to begin editing to improve the StumbleUpon Wiki.

Getting StartedEdit

  • You can help build the StumbleUpon Wiki by clicking on edit at the top of any page that needs improvement.
  • If you want to discuss what's happening, you can use the mailing list described in the next section or edit the Help:Talk page.
  • The Project:About link at the bottom of each page describes the project's mission, policies and disclaimers.

Mailing ListEdit

To participate, discuss, or stay informed of important developments, join the StumbleUpon Wiki mailing list. If you plan to actively participate in the construction of the StumbleUpon Wiki, join the central Wikia mailing list, too.

List of things to doEdit

  1. Create all tags as a place to describe common tags or tag families
  2. Create all groups with sub groups and categories
    1. Create a template group page
    2. Create specific group pages as examples
  3. Create all stumblers and all adult stumblers pages
  4. Create missing help and other special pages
  5. Create other subcategories
  6. Begin promotion (see below)
  7. Create more introductory StumbleUpon information on a separate page
  8. Add customization such as described in the following
    1. Wikia:Wikia:Model_pages
    2. Wikia:Wiki_configuration


The following are sites, groups and discussion threads that discuss SU limitations that wikis would solve. Consider promoting the StumbleUpon Wikia in these places. Wikia:Will_Wikis_Work? provides suggestions on how to proceed.