This is the home page of the StumbleUpon Wiki. For the StumbleUpon group, see StumbleUpon.

Welcome to the StumbleUpon Wiki, a place where groups of stumblers work together to describe and evaluate the best of the web.

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The StumbleUpon Wiki facilitates the creation and maintanence of information organized by groups of "stumblers" and others. Its ultimate usefulness will be determined by its participants. To learn what's happening and how to help these wikis develop, visit the project:current events page.

News: Project:most popular groups creates group pages: Firefox, Bizarre Hunter and Awesome Pictures. To see what else is happening, visit the current events page.

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The StumbleUpon Wiki provides members of with a wiki from Wikia. Because one or both of these organizations may not be familiar to you, a brief description follows.


For a description of, visit wikipedia:StumbleUpon. For a basic description of how to stumble after installing the toolbar, read "StumbleUpon Guide: Getting Started with StumbleUpon". For detailed information of how StumbleUpon works, visit the Unofficial SU FAQ.


For a description of wikia:wikia, visit wikipedia:wikia.