The terminology ergonomics means to minimize physical discomfort and physical stress. Once this physical discomfort is rectified and eliminated, it increases the efficiency in your activities.  The best example of ergonomics is when you are constantly working on a desk (maybe on a PC or otherwise)for a prolonged period of time and experience  pain and strain in your arms, neck, hands and back.  To eliminate such physical pain, fatigue or stress, it is essential that you have an adequate posture along with the right furniture while you work.

This is where ergonomic workstations and  ergonomic seating arrangements enter the scene. Ergonomic workstations mean appropriate assembly of chair, position of the screen, keyboard lighting etc.  They are built in such a way, that they instantly rectify all these physical discomforts.

For instance, an ergonomically built chair (such as drafting chairs) will have a proper height, back and hand rest adjustments, curved seat at the edge, comfortable upholstery covering the seat( seating cushions) and the back and a five star castor base. To sum up all these is the fact that the chair will give you a very relaxed posture. This way, when you work for long durations at the same workstation, you will not experience severe pain physically.

To conclude:
Ergonomic workstations and ergonomic chairs are not only health assets but they are also extremely cost effective. There are numerous cheap office chairs, which you can choose from the market for this purpose. Moreover, the best office chairs help maximize productivity in a workplace. So, all you have to do is to select and place the appropriate furniture and get it fitted according to your comfort level. This will give you relief from all the future discomforts. Go for it!

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