Do you want to change the look of your home easily but without spending too much money? Well, here are some of the ways, using which you can make your home your neighbor’s envy. Let us take a look at them to get a better idea: Change the bathroom mirrors: Yes, by merely changing your bathroom mirrors, you can make a huge difference in your home. Either put up a pretty, ornate frame in your existing mirror or add a plain mirror on one of the walls. This will make your bathroom look bigger as well. Put up a classy gate: The gate of your home is its entrance. It makes the first impression on your guests. Therefore, what you can do is, visit the best store that sells fences and gates in Melbourne and choose the one that matches the look of your home from the outside. You can choose from a wide variety of wooden or metal gates available on the market. However, you must not let go of the security concerns by running after fancy gates. You must also invest in security doors in Melbourne for the same purpose. Touch up  window fly screens: Bored of the mundane window fly screens in Melbourne? Well, you can change them completely without much fuss. All you need to do is buy some pearl finish acrylic paint from your nearby store and do some creative paintings on them. They will appear funky and alluring. To Conclude Apart from these three tips, you can also change your internal wardrobe designs, change the fencing around your property and opt for  fully framed shower screens in your bathroom for the same purpose.


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