Being an industrial raw material glass has many applications, whether in a house, hotel, restaurant, commercial setting or factory you will find at least one application of glass. Starting from mirrors, furniture, green houses togates in Melbourne glasses are used in one or other way. While mirror is the most common use of the material, recent time trend is of custom made mirrors. 

You might be surprised to know this, but do not be, as custom made mirrors are an old yet the latest in thing. When you come across an extraordinarily large mirror, or some uniquely shaped mirror, there are chances that it is custom made to fit in the available space. Custom made mirrors are also used as a piece of decoration. 

Another most common application of glass is in doors, windows and frames as seen in bath shower screen or glass sliding doors. Though not so common in homes, many offices and commercial buildings have glass sliding doors which open either manually or automatically when they censor your presence. Bath shower screen, no matter which one you prefer all come in glass, unless you opt for the fiber ones. Even the semi frameless shower screen has a frame installed around the glass body. 

Glass in kitchen is used for many purposes however kitchen glass splashbacks are its unique application. They not only add to the shine and shimmer of your kitchen but also work as an insulator layer which protects your kitchen walls from spills of food, oil or other cooking ingredients. It is glass manufactured from toughened glass and is able to stand any shock or temperature.

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