VCE or Victorian Certificate of Education follows a three-tier model in education and teaching.  There are as many as 129 VCE subjects, some of which are chosen by secondary school students. We are going to discuss few of these subjects today.   

English Literature: English literature in VCE Institute is considered quite tough.  English exam in VCE syllabus consists of three methods (a) Reading and Responding (b) Creating and Presenting (c) Using language to persuade. English exam VCE is prepared to assess key knowledge and key skills of VCE English/English as a second language. 

Accounting: Accounting VCE course covers study in recording and monitoring of financial data, balance sheet or balance day adjustments and reporting of accounting information. Although it looks difficult from a distance, with proper guidance, students can excel in this particular subject.

Business Management: Business Management VCE is an examination wherein short and extended responses are anticipated from the students. It requires students to train on single activity trading business considering the strengths, weaknesses, advantages, limitations and cost benefits in business management.

Health and Human Development: Health and Human Development VCE examination is an interesting one.  While studying this subject, students get to investigate various aspects of health and human development in local, Australian and even global communities.

To Conclude

These are just three of the subjects from a vast number of subjects chosen by students for their VCE examinations. Apart from these, there are other subjects, which are popular as well as scoring. They include but are not limited to physical education vce and software development vce. So, if your son or daughter is about to prepare for VCE soon, then keep a track of the subjects and guide them to take an informed decision.